For Someone Else’s Project: World, Irreversible (Genetic Engineering)

OP on ‘genetic engineering’ (aka. what I wrote for a certain someone’s project at the very beginning of this year. I found it again, so I thought I’d post it).

Before we begin, there is one major question that may pose as the most crucial point of all when looking into the practices of genetic engineering in terms of humanity: the question of agenda.

Through practices of genetic engineering, which has been sought out to mean numerous hazy different things relative to the countless of those speaking of the subject with little to no prerequisite knowledge to have any right to talk at all (as Wittgenstein put it, “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.”), we must focus on the originating agenda of genetic engineering to make any reducible theory whether to agree or disagree.

Why would scientists exploit the genomic revolution in the first place? No, it isn’t for the sake of a new leg, a new ear or a new tail (so to speak)—these are just the subliminal results from tampering within the respective field.The simplest reason for all this unearthing, ladies and gentlemen, is not for ‘the sake of humanity’. It is merely for the sake of Discovery.

Society is the proverbial penitentiary set out to bind anyone with as much as a quarter of a mind. All these experiments and research on the profound idea of DNA manipulations has nothing, at all, to do with the future generation. The future of humanity comes last, like it always has. Scientific articles may be grounded with valid proof that, indeed, all of this is for the sake of mankind. However, that is no more than the sweetest of icing on a pastry dish made of rubber. That is, if the future proceeds to carry out its dubious promise of a better tomorrow.

The true agenda of genetic engineering is far from original. It is what the world, in all of its corruption of the mind, masked the real workings behind. But what is the unvarnished motive behind the genome sequencing? Nobody knows.

Boundless diseases and disorders crop up every day, more people die from them. Plagues advance, antibiotics advance and bacteria itself evolves. One on top of another and it seems like the human race is on the brink of destruction from always chasing after itself, or running away (it is all semantics) from the infamous apocalypse that is the hype within society but none really care. The reason for the end of the world?

It is not global warming, and neither is it climate change nor the inability in adapting to modernism, it is simply because people do not care. And if nobody shows the heart for change there would in no way be change. It is only up to humanity, not the development or another scientific discovery and its heroic promise of salvation that may never arrive. And even if it does arrive, it certainly would not be available to the masses. That is simply how the world of corruption goes.

That being said, humanity constructs itself on debauchery and ruins, gradually building one unto another. And to this day, we are living on our own history of degeneracy. It is all in semantics, all of this. If the scholars say a basket of gold is no longer different from a pint of salt, then be it, gold is no longer of value. So, if the supposedly highly educated speaks of our generation as an evolution of our ancestors—an improvement, a development—then whose to say against that?

Most definitely not the high scholars that may just as likely benefit from such ungodly words as the speaker. Apart from those men, who else could possibly hold the same decadence weight in their words? No one. And as the saying goes, “If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there’d be peace.” So, if humanity demands a concord in the workings of our society, then there would be salvation.

All of this, beginning from the original agenda of genetic engineering unto its subliminal outcomes, to say that such discovery may or may not be the path to better humanity is, more or less, another endearing fallacy on top of history. What the human race is currently facing needs no genomic data to manipulate the ways of living. In other words, we do not need a successful way to make a new leg; what we really need is to obliterate any legitimate reasons of cutting off every god given legs, in the first place.

There you go, me under influence of Perphenazine, Wellbutrin XL. Doesn’t even make sense.

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