An Eye for Happiness

5-Minute Eye

I was messing with my newly bought pen today, and this was the result. This is Jot Pro, the tablet pen. It was easier to use than I thought, even easier than a graphic tablet. I used this on my iPad. Personally, I think the result of a five-minute doodle came out alright, it’s not the best due to my rustiness. But wow, it’s a breeze to use.

And since I’ve always been wanting to get a tablet pen, ever since my colleague showed hers to me, I was quite excited to use it. Now that was almost two years ago, and I only just bought it last week. My loss! Should’ve got one sooner, it’s awesome.

When I draw, I don’t have to think. And it makes me feel at peace for a little while. Sometimes, I even think I’m happy.

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