Wait: Are We There Yet?

Question: Where does time go? Does it just… move on? Do we, humans, move on the way time does? How do humans move on? Is Death perhaps the Movement? Surely, death is only a phase we must pass through in order to Move On from Life?

We are always waiting, even if we are not conscious of it. We wait for meetings, we wait for appointments, we wait for people… and we wait for time. A time where we must do certain things, go certain places, act certain ways and say certain things. We wait for tomorrow; we wait for days that may not come. We wait for our loved ones, we wait for the Right Moments.

What are we if not conditions of time, born to fill the gaps, the empty spaces until somebody more…up to the job replace us?

We are as much of our fingertips as we are the gaps between them. We are the short-lived imprints on the grass as we are the skins we wear. We are as temporary as Time itself.

If Life is all about waiting, does that not make Death our destination?

(Why do people dread it so much?)

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