One-Word Descriptions of MBTI Types

Here I was, once again, looking into MBTI and coming across an interesting thread on the internet. What is new?

It is pretty amusing that the users were trying to describe each type with only one word. I applaud their brevity and of course they’ve got to be doing this on an INTJ forum. Conciseness and INTJ do walk hand-in-hand after all.

I am an INFx so I wouldn’t know anything about that. Or, I try to but my indulgence with proses seem to get in the way. Maybe I could ask an INTJ to mentor me to be as profound as they are. I have just got to find one who won’t emotionally wound me too much.

Either way, I haven’t read through all the ideas on the forum because I wanted to do my own. I won’t be lying when I say I do know a thing or two about personology/typology, and I am known for being pretty spot on. But I am not going to use adjectives because those aren’t that interesting.

Note that I am only doing this according to personal experience, so until a type proves themselves different then my views won’t change.

Here we go:
ESFJ – Fingers
ESFP – Summer
ENTJ – Guillotine
ENTP – Fishhooks
ESTP – Horns
ESTJ – Boxes
ENFP – Wind
ENFJ – Campfire
INTP – Questions
INTJ – Cactus
ISFP – Morning
ISFJ – Book
ISTP – Toolbox
ISTJ – Rock
INFP – Snow
INFJ – Autumn

Okay, so maybe I was being a little weird but that is how I see them. I’m sorry I don’t know what I’m doing. I wrote this on a whim.

Cheers to anti-climax.

But wouldn’t it be interesting to know how people see each other as objects/elements? It helps me accept being human better if I can just convince myself that we aren’t intruders but a part of this world. That we are wanted. That the world wants us. That we aren’t destroying it.

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