For your stitch mouth and button eyes
I write an apology
For the pale flowers in your smile
Which must bloom and die with me

I am sorry I drowned you in the river
To wash the corpse-dust from your skin
I am sorry I came from a world
Beyond the attic they trapped you in

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lost child of gloom and gold
holds invincibility.
dark child who snuffs out fate
shall suffer eternity.
mind child of things unseen
swallows past harmony.
— part child oldest of all restores what laws divide.

young love shrivels to tomb
by doom affection owns.
hanging child haunts on under
lay bare over death’s bones.
— wretched soul above below to weep its dying tiber.
— every child broken by trial must borne its own murder.


Time and space unidentifiable
Afloat midair—hands and feet
Reasons and instincts, a hazy distance

Stumbling awkwardly—a dull thud—all faults are revealed
On one ankle, a societal screw tightens
Calloused by sharp emotions, numbed on hardened skin

I, on show behind the glass case—but that isn’t me
All the truths became fiction, therefore I became a lie
Cake this mind of mine with makeup, don’t let the sadness smear
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